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Top 5 Fantasy PC Games

Edwin Huxley - Thursday 07.02.13, 19:44pm

Fellow gamers, you all know what it is that makes us do what we do – play games. It’s the possibility to touch a world that has different rules from our current one. You may disagree, and say something like “we play games because we love the story/the challenge/the graphics”. Well – you are not wrong. Each of us takes something personal out of the experience and holds it tight to his heart. What I want to give you here is a list of PC games, which are respected among the gamers community as the top 5 fantasy games till this day. Enjoy!

Number 5 – Fable. I couldn’t put a number in front of the game, because there is no saying which one of the 3 installments is the best. I love them all, and so do gamers. Each of the games has a distinguishable taste of its own. The first game takes place in Fabion – a kingdom, which holds pretty much everything one would see in a medieval fantasy world. Its simple gameplay, yet deep story, with many twists, combined with beautiful graphics and ambient music place it among the top 5 fantasy PC games. The sequel takes that to a whole new level, where you can make choices that impact that entire world that you’re in. The third game makes it even more so.

Number 4 – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This is what you call a jewel. Here the developers took the conception of “free choice” to a whole new level. You play as a person, who died, and was reborn with a machine that stores souls. The world you are in is rotating around a belief that every man has a role to play, “fate” they call it. But once you die, your fate is sealed. Only that this doesn’t concern you. You have risen from the dead! Now your fate is your own! You may choose freely what you are going to do, and your every action, not only impacts your life, but also the life of others. Once you begin to play it, you will see how you can reshape the world as you see fit, and there is nothing that can stop you.

Number 3 – Diablo. Blizzard are known for their lasting games. This one is one of the most iconic offerings. It has been shaping the gaming world since it first saw daylight in 1996, and is continuing to hold people in front of their monitors. Though it has seen significant changes to the layout and hero classes, it still remains the best hack-and-slash out on the market. In its 3d installment, you pick one of the hero classes – barbarian, demon hunter, witch doctor, wizard or monk – and take on a journey through a realm, between heaven and hell, fighting demons, monsters and elementals, that come in great numbers.

Number 2 – The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This one is among the newest, single player games of this sort. It is also among the most beautiful and complete ones. One of the major advantages of it is this huge world that you have to explore. You are bound to nobody, your fate is your own, and whatever you do – you can do it the way you want.

Number 1 – It is tough to put a single game on top of this list, since it is very short, and each game has something great about it, but I have to go with Dragon Age: Origins. Here you take on a role of a particular person that holds a certain position in the kingdom of Ferelden. The title Origins stands for the purpose of hinting, that your “origin” story, the one of your character, is determined by you. You may be a wizard in training, a nobleman from a certain family, a dwarven prince, or somebody else. Whatever you choose – your story will begin differently, but will lead to one place. How you get there, and with whom by your side – this is entirely up to you. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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